To know hope everyone must understand and uphold these three crucial elements to maintaining a perfect union:

1.) The purpose of government is to protect Life, Liberty and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor (Universal Liberties) of its citizens. Without these three gifts and a democratic government to defend them we can not have security of the person.

2.) Universal Liberties are above anything else. We were given inalienable rights (gifts) by our Creator/ Mother Nature that come before the human constructs of religion, politics, and culture.

3.) Citizens have a Fiduciary Obligation to defend Universal Liberties of ourselves, all citizens and democratic governments. This includes patronizing governments that fulfil their duty to protect our Universal Liberties that they are taxed with defending. Citizens can be lawful non-tax payers by not defrauding others of their 100% Fruit of Labor (Property) otherwise known as profit taking (a holdover from Feudalism). In doing so citizens only need to pay capital gains windfall taxes to democratic governments that fulfil the social contract model (Social Treaty). Capital Gains are the only taxes that do not erode Universal Liberties.

When all three of these elements are united, understood and upheld by citizens and democratic governments it creates a Universal (Regenerative) Providence that is unwavering. This becomes a natural system that can provide an unlimited bounty of surplus goods, services and Universal Incomes to all citizens. This naturally occurs and does not require socialism, feudal capitalism (profit taking), or even collectivism that diminishes the individual through property loss.