Welcome to SOCIALMARKET.com Open Value Platform. KNOW HOPE is one of the many brands of SOCIALMARKET.  KNOW HOPE goods are part of a Living Pension and 100% Fruit of Labor that meets the Universal Liberties we are all entrusted with by our Creator/Nature.

Forget charities, Fair Trade, Open Source, and even worker cooperatives.  None of the past’s solutions protects Universal Liberties like the SOCIALMARKET does.  Consumer cooperators can begin to live through the regenerative system after 10 years through 100% GIFT Currency rebates given every 120/months.  Collaborators (KNIGHTS) receive 100% Fruit of Labor in GIFT Currency that can be exchanged for cash in an open decentralized exchange.

Stop supporting charities that will never address the real problems with society.  SOCIALMARKET breaks the cycles of hate, poverty, crime, and terrorism.  Sorry but no charity, religion, politics, or culture can fix those problems until everyone realizes these are human creations that are below our Universal Liberties.   We have been given gifts of Human Universal Rights (Universal Liberties) that are above anything else.  We can use our Universal Liberties to protect and defend ourselves, family, community and country.

We can stop Religion, Politics, and Culture from being used against our own interests by protecting each others Universal Liberties (Life, Liberty, and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor).

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